Creating a bright future for people and the earth
Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through business activities




​Realization of a sustainable society through business activities

In response to the expectations and trusts of various stakeholders, we are committed to contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities, creating a bright future for people and the earth " In addition to recognizing the social issues that are related to our business activities, we are aiming to recognize the 17 sustainable targets of the UN "Sustainable Development Targets (SDGs)" 169 target, "Materiality", which is closely related to our business We will identify and work on it.

MATERIALITY of JAPAN FOUR SEASONS (Relationship between SDGs target and our business)
Goal 6    Safe water and toilet all over the world
Goal 7    Energy to everyone and clean
Goal 9    Create a foundation for industry and technological innovation
Goal 11  Town development that can continue to live
Goal 12  Creating responsibility to make responsibility



Business Innovation and Optimization to Create Environment, Society, and Economic Value

Through each business, JFS aims to promote the dissemination of new technologies that can be used safely and securely in people and the environment, and to develop business innovation that achieves the goal more efficiently and effectively. We will also try to optimize it to eliminate inefficiencies.

Environmental Business
Energy Business
Logistics Business


JFS Business Model and Business Management

JFS constructs business integration including business planning, procurement of products, operation, management and preservation etc., and performs comprehensive business management of problem-solving type.
JFS works in cooperation with business partners in Japan and other countries and PT. Jaya Fortuna Sakti Indonesia (abbreviated as JFSI, JFS group) in Indonesia, together to provide satisfaction to all customers and contribute to society through business We will continue to.

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Manufacturing company / Business alliance laboratory of each product


PT. Jaya Fortuna Sakti Indonesia

Business Partner

All Customers


We think the trust relationship with customers as a top priority, we will develop business that is beneficial for all stakeholders.

1. We will respond to customer's requests carefully, supple, flexiblely, reliably and sincerely.

2. We value confidence and trust, we offer products and services that can provide customers with satisfaction safely and securely.

3. We always strive to improve business quality.

4. We will share our values with our stakeholders and strive for coexistence and co-prosperity.

WANTED - Business Partner

We are looking for business partners who can cooperate with our business

We are always looking for business partners who can cooperate in selling our products. 
It can be either corporate or individual. Business partners will deal with all products of environmental business and energy business. We will provide documents such as contracts and fees if you can consider. Please be assured that we will give you the necessary knowledge in both projects.

Please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address below.

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