Creating a bright future for people and the earth
Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through business activities




Representative message


I am Mr. Takeshi Honzawa, JFS representative.
We appreciate your patronage.


Together with our domestic business partners and Indonesian corporation PT. Jaya Fortuna Sakti Indonesia,

we are developing environment, energy and logistics businesses globally based in Japan and Indonesia.


We will engage in business activities that emphasize sustainability. Responding to the expectations and trusts

of various stakeholders, in order to realize the Company's "To contribute to the realization of a sustainable society"

through our business activities, create a bright future for people and the earth, and engage in business activities

of our company Recognizing certain social issues, we identified "materiality", which is closely related to our business, among the 17 targets of the United Nations "Sustainable Development Targets (SDGs)" 169 targets.


Environmental problems and energy problems are common issues around the world and we are proud that our environmental business and energy business, which are the pillars of our business, are an initiative that can cross the border and contribute globally to the future of society.

The term corporate sustainability states the importance of initiatives such as environmental protection, efforts for employees, and social contribution, in addition to the financial sustainability of the company. Through our environmental and energy businesses, we are confident that we will contribute to our customers' sustainability efforts.

In the field of environment and energy, we will introduce advanced technologies and information as quickly as possible so that we can use it for everyone.

In the future, in order to grow our company permanently and steadily, it is essential to build a strong business foundation that can deepen mutual trust with customers, business partners and JFSI and grow together I believe there is. Through our business activities, we aim to become a company that can contribute to society together with you, and we will make steady progress one step at a time. We sincerely thank you for your continuous support and encouragement in the future.

December, 2017

Takeshi Honzawa
President and CEO

株式会社ジャパンフォーシーズンズ | 環境 | エネルギー | 物流
ジャパンフォーシーズンズ, 社長紹介

Management Philosophy


We believe that the connection between people and people, companies and companies, people and companies and society is the driving force for new value creation. Together with partners based on solid trusts beyond national and regional boundaries, we aim to become a global company that constantly anticipates change, creates new value and contributes to society widely.


<Corporate Mission>
  Through sound business activities, We coexist with society, deepen meaning of existence, realize the richness of all stakeholders.


<Management stance>
  We are always looking to the future, do not fear change, be bold, steady and sincere.

<Corporate culture>
  We foster a corporate culture in which metabolism and innovation can be continued by ourselves.

Business Policy


We think the trust relationship with customers as a top priority, we will develop business that is beneficial for all stakeholders.

1. We will respond to customer's requests carefully, supple, flexiblely, reliably and sincerely.

2. We value confidence and trust, we offer products and services that can provide customers with satisfaction safely and securely.

3. We always strive to improve business quality.

4. We will share our values with our stakeholders and strive for coexistence and co-prosperity.


Company Profile

Company name

Japan Four Seasons Co., Ltd.




October 21, 2015 (Business start: April 1, 2016)


Mr. Takeshi Honzawa, President & CEO


2-11-7, Higashikoshigaya, Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture, 343-0023, Japan

TEL:+81 48-966-9294

Main Business Contents

Based in Japan and Indonesia, we are developing environment, energy and logistics business globally.

1. Environmental Business: Environmental measures such as decomposition of sludge and waste oil using biotechnology, drainage, purification of soil contamination
2. Energy Business: Activation of lead storage battery by carbon nanotube · Recovery of performance · Preventive measures against deterioration
3. Logistics Business: Optimization for logistics

JFS Group

PT Jaya Fortuna Sakti Indonesia (Indonesia)

(100% capital provision)

Transaction Financial Institution

Mizuho Bank, Ginza Branch
Rakuten Bank, First Business Branch

Affiliation Organization

Tokyo Chamber of Commerce