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I am Takeshi Honzawa, President & CEO

In April 2017, Japan Four Seasons Co., Ltd.

celebrated its 1st anniversary. Thanks to everyone

who supported us and our customers.

I'm really thankful to you.

We have been working with various partners beyond

the barriers of industries so that we can respond to customers' various requests one stop.

Our business attitude is customer's best. Then, customers, suppliers, and us involved in sales are advocating the 3 WIN business model that is beneficial to both.

We will work diligently, flexibly and flexibly to develop our business, build on our achievements, and strive for further trust.

We support our clients' businesses mainly in biotechnology business, carbon nanotube business, distribution business and logistics business.

We believe that it is essential for us to build a strong business foundation that can further deepen our relationship of trust with customers and partners and grow together with them in order to achieve permanent and stable growth in the future.

We will develop business that customers will be pleased with from the bottom of our hearts, we will steadily progress forward step by step.

We sincerely thank you for your constant support and encouragement in the future.

July 2017

Takeshi Honzawa​


ジャパンフォーシーズンズ 社長紹介

Management philosophy

We believe that the connection between people and people, companies and companies, people and companies and society is the driving force for new value creation. Together with partners based on solid trust beyond national and regional boundaries, we aim to become a global company that constantly anticipates changes and creates new value and contributes widely to society.

<Corporate Mission>
Through sound business activities, coexist with society, deepen meaning of existence, realize the richness and dreams of all stakeholders.

<Management stance>
We always look forward to the future, be afraid of change, be bold, steady and sincere.

<Corporate culture>
Foster a corporate culture in which metabolism and innovation can be continued by themselves.

Business policy

Considering customer best as top priority, we will develop business that benefits both customers, suppliers, sales partners and our company.

1. We will respond to customer's requests carefully, supple, and flexibly, reliably

    and sincerely.

2. We value trust and trust, we offer products and services that can provide

    customers with satisfaction safely and securely.

3. Always strive to improve business quality.

4. We will share our values with our stakeholders and strive for co-existence

    and co-prosperity.

Company Profile

Company name

Japan Four Seasons Co., Ltd.




October 21, 2015 (Business start: April 1, 2016)


Mr. Takeshi Honzawa, President & CEO

Head office

Regus 1006 Shiba-Daimon Center Building, 1-10-11

Shiba-Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0012, Japan

TEL:+81 3-6880-9124 FAX:+81 3-6880-9201​


head office

2-11-7 Higokoshigaya, Koshigaya, Saitama-prefecture, 343-0023, Japan

(Head office location in registration)

Business contents

Our company is mainly engaged in biotechnology business as environmental measures, carbon nanotube business to realize energy efficiency, distribution business to procure domestic and overseas suppliers and logistics business to optimize logistics in international transportation / trade agency , It integrates various services that support customer business, and it develops diversely as a trading company offering it.


​PT Jaya Fortuna Sakti Indonesia(Indonesia)

(100% investment)



America, Australia, the Netherlands, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, India


Mizuho Bank Ginza Branch

Rakuten Bank First Sales Branch

Affiliation organization

Tokyo Chamber of Commerce