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Our Business Description as an trading company are:
1. Environmental countermeasure utilizing biotechnology
2. Energy efficiency countermeasure utilizing carbon nanotubes
3. Purchasing on behalf of customers from domestic and overseas manufacturers and wholesalers
4. Optimization of logistics
Through all these related businesses, we will develop businesses that can support customer business as a trading company in various ways.



September 1, 2017

July 27, 2017


We are looking for a KAB referral agency, ncbs sales (including addition work) agency from time to time.
Please make full use as a value added business of your business.
We will inform you about the business content · contract · introduction fee etc when we have inquired.

We changed our trademark to "JFS BUSINESS SUPPORT".


■ What is KAB
KAB is a biocatalyst that can be utilized for environmental measures by bio-augmentation by microorganisms.
We will achieve zero emissions by decomposing organic waste generated by various industries such as manufacturing industry and service industry with microorganisms.

■ Features
KAB blends microorganisms original by facility / object by original compound blending technology of Kataoka Bio laboratory.
Combine and blend microorganisms that match the disintegration target, and convert it to germ, thereby achieving the goal efficiently and reliably.

■ Effect
We will demonstrate our abilities by zeroing organic excess sludge at various plants, decomposing waste oil of mineral oil, animal and vegetable oil, decomposing crude oil and crude oil sludge, decomposing coal sludge, decomposing hardly decomposing substances, decomposing malodorous components, and soil contamination.

■ Environmental measures by KAB · Environmental purification
Organic excess sludge, waste oil, crude oil and coal sludge are garbage (industrial waste) produced by industry.
There is a way to realize zero emissions through reuse of industrial waste (conversion into recycled fuels), but in our environmental measures, we should address top priority as a system that does not generate waste (industrial waste) I think that it is manufacturing.
KAB thoroughly pursues the possibilities of microorganisms and uses a plurality of naturally occurring microorganisms trained without any genetic manipulation or the like.
By collecting it, it becomes possible to maximize the ability of microorganisms beyond the ability of single bacteria.
We realize environmental measures such as zero organic surplus sludge and decomposition of waste oil. In addition, contamination of soil and so on is achieved by decomposition by decomposition.
As for purification, in addition to soil contamination purification by oil etc., since decomposing effect of radioactive substance was obtained in some samples, we are also confirming the purification effect against radioactive contamination. (We will also show you the results again later.)


■ What is ncbs?
Ncbs is a conductive material for lead-acid batteries, which is a state-of-the-art material called black diamond, "Carbon Nanotube" is completely fused with pure water. Core Business Corporation, a manufacturer of ncbs, succeeded for the first time for complete integration of carbon nanotubes into pure water and realized mass production. This makes it possible to offer carbon nanotube conducting agents that demonstrate sufficient effect at a low price.

■ Features
By simple and proper handling, ncbs realizes high conductivity utilization of carbon nanotubes and electrode stabilization. It does not agglomerate or precipitate inside the lead storage battery, it fully fuses with the dilute sulfuric acid in the lead storage battery and shows its effect by coating the electrode. Carbon nanotubes have a conductivity higher than that of copper, 1000 times larger than copper, and have a function of buffering volume change of the electrode, which ensures conductivity and stabilizes the electrode. By injecting ncbs into lead-acid batteries with general performance, it is possible to tune up to low-cost, high-performance and durable lead-acid batteries.

■ Effect
We will boost the performance of lead-acid batteries announced by lead-acid battery manufacturers by approximately 1.8 times, preventing deterioration and improving durability.
Case study
For lead-acid batteries used with battery-operated forklift tune-ups are possible at a cost of approximately 25% of the purchase price of new batteries.

* Although ncbs can be used with both new and used batteries, we recommend that you use new batteries or lead batteries within 2 years after use starts. Ncbs does not repair physical degradation of lead batteries. Since it has the effect of raising the performance on the basis of the performance at the time of injection, it is possible to realize sufficient effect and durability by utilizing the lead battery itself without physical degradation or in a state with little physical deterioration.