Logistics business (logistics optimization)



Logistics optimization


▶ JFS BUSINESS SUPPORT proposes proposals for logistics optimization in order to realize improvement of physical distribution quality and

   maximization of cost effectiveness based on safety, certainty and efficiency in distribution that becomes the essential part of customer's

   business I am doing.

▶ We will respond to the following logistics operations as a logistics improvement coordinator and as a freight forwarder by cooperation of various

   excellent quality logistics companies, large, medium and small domestic and overseas.

○ International transportation / trade agency

▶ We select the optimum logistics provider that suits your business type from among domestic and overseas logistics companies and efficiently

   combine land, sea and air transportation means to build customer's own logistics scheme I will.

▶ It corresponds to all Incoterms. It is possible to select the optimum business operators in Japan and overseas for import / export customs

   clearance, international transportation, bonded warehousing and overseas transportation in domestic transportation, stocking and destination



▶ Based on your management tasks and cargo situation, it is most important to maximize cost-effectiveness while improving physical distribution

   quality. We will make the best choices for our customers by cooperating relationships with partners in many countries and good logistics

   operators, and will provide the form of optimal logistics.

JFS BUSINESS SUPPORT provides the optimal logistics shape
"Improving logistics quality" and "Maximizing cost effectiveness" based on safety, certainty and efficiency

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